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Word Press is a popular content management system for many reasons. The main reason is Word Press gives the website’s owner the ability to easily manage their own website content. Once we build your website you will receive a one-hour training session along with an instructional guide that will assist those who will manage your content. You will learn things like technique used to arrange type and type design, selection and implementation of fonts, font sizes, leading, and kerning which are used on every website. Check out our web page on Content Management Systems https://mcbryde.com/content-management-system/

People everywhere depend on the internet for the life of their business. How do we get relevant internet users to come across your business website? There is no one solution to this problem. Updating your marketing material will keep you front and center.

Steps to WordPress Web Site Design Internet Marketing

Three basic steps to internet marketing can be thought of as hard cover books, paper back books, and newspapers or magazines. The hard cover book represents your website. It cost the most but it will last the longest as it provides you with a resource for years to come. That is where the value is. The paper back book costs less but typically does not last as long. It is a great reference tool but does not have the longevity of a hard cover book. The newspaper or magazine is the least costly and provides the most current news, however, goes out of date. https://mcbryde.com/internet-marketing/

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WordPress Web Site Design

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