Website Design

Web Development is all the stuff that visitors to your website don’t see.  It includes hosting and developing the code to make the pages work.  Hosting is space on a web server for all the code that makes your website available on the internet.  The code is the part that actually displays the text and images of your website.

Web Design is focusing on how the website is going to look. This is where the layout is created and all the colors, fonts, graphics, and things like that are chose.

A Webmaster is the person who manages your website. When updates are needed, changes are made, or other types of maintenance is needed the Webmaster takes care of it for you.

Our websites are custom designed to the specification of the website owner. We integrate numerous design techniques and software into our work, depending upon the requirements of each site.

A lot of the websites we build are built using WordPress. WordPress is a very popular CMS (Content Management System) for many reasons that benefit the website’s owner. If you would like to learn more about how WordPress is beneficial to you, check out our page on CMS, but one reason I’d like to talk about here is user friendliness. WordPress allows the website’s owner to be able to easily manage their own content. After we build a website we offer an 1 hour training along with an instructional guide to help assist those that want to manage content.

  • The technique used to arrange type, and type design.
  • The selection and implementation of fonts, font size, leading, and kerning are used on every website.
  • Positioning text and graphics in a format viewed favorable by the web page visitor.
  • Aligning data to entice visitors to view and remain on a web page.
  • Creating and editing images for the purpose of enhancing the aesthetics of a web page.
  • The study of characteristics and tendencies, used to enhance the visitors experience.
  • Placement of web pages on the major search engines. Our method is tried and proven to be effective. Please ask our manager for more details.
  • Advertising a product or service favorably to the targeted audience. We conduct seminars, workshops and offer training on enhancing your product in the public’s opinion.