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Here are 2 examples of projects we've recently created.


Project: GEK & Associate's Forensic Engineers

Description: Southern Elite, trained under the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS), is equipped to aid in this process through advanced cleaning techniques that restore the scene of untimely events.

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Southern Elite


GEK & Associate's

Project: GEK & Associate's Forensic Engineers

Description: GEK & Associate’s Forensic Engineers specialize in Accident Reconstruction, Product Defect & Failure Analysis in NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, NJ and WV.

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! Nobody can do everything, and we never claim to do things outside of our expertise. Our Team does not work on templates, large databases, or websites that require the collection of personal information.

We build an extension of you and your business.

Our websites are custom designed to the specification of the website owner. We integrate numerous design techniques and software into our work, depending upon the requirements of each site.

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charlotte and mooresville design portfolio

  • Typography: The technique used to arrange type, and type design. The selection and implementation of fonts, font size, leading, and kerning are used on every website.
  • Layout: Positioning text and graphics in a format viewed favourable by the web page visitor. Aligning data to entice visitors to view and remain on a web page.
  • Graphics: Creating and editing images for the purpose of enhancing the aesthetics of a web page.
  • Demographics: The study of characteristics and tendencies, used to enhance the visitors experience.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Placement of web pages on the major search engines. Our method is tried and proven to be effective. Please ask our manager for more details.
  • Marketing: Advertising a product or service favourably to the targeted audience. We conduct seminars, workshops and offer training on enhancing your product in the public’s opinion.
  • Software: Our Team can assist in configuring software to increase the effectiveness of a website. We can edit, create or customize software based on the requirements of the website owner.


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