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Hosting accounts are based on the amount of required space needed and include e-mail. Website updates are not included as a part of hosting.

charlotte website hostingWe operate multiple Linux based servers; this allows us to be in control of our websites. When issues arise (and they always do), we can troubleshoot them without need of a third party. Most server-side issues are never recognized by our clients, we overcome the majority of obstacles before they become issues.

Our Team is obstinate about the security of our clients. We never retain personal information on any of our servers, decreasing the opportunity for identity theft.

We live in the most impatient times; people are acclimated to having it now. We spread our websites over multiple servers to assure fast downloads of web pages. Web page files, personal computers and Internet connection speeds play a large part in download speeds.

Our hosting fees are based on fair market value and incorporate numerous additional services.

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